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Changzhou five crane safety device resolution

Release time:2014-4-23 16:13:27  Source:Changzhou Crane  Authors:Changzhou Crane

To ensure safe and reliable crane operation Changzhou, Changzhou crane equipped with better safety devices, so that in case of an accident, protect parts or alert the operator attention, and thus play a security role.
         1, Changzhou each crane hydraulic system relief valve: Can cause abnormally high pressure in the loop in order to prevent damage to the hydraulic pump and motor, and prevent overloaded; 2, Changzhou luffing jib crane safety device: When unexpected accident , boom luffing cylinder loop high-pressure hose or pipe burst or cut, the hydraulic circuit balancing valves to work, locking the working oil from the lower chamber of the cylinder, so that the boom will not fall, so as to ensure the safe operation of sex; 3, telescopic crane safety device: When the unexpected accident, telescopic boom cylinder circuit pressure hose or pipe burst or cut, the hydraulic circuit balancing valves on the work, the lower chamber of the cylinder lock from work oil, so hang on their own retracted, thereby ensuring the safety of operations; 4, leg locking device: When unexpected accident, leading to the legs of the vertical cylinder high-pressure hose or pipe rupture or cutting, bidirectional hydraulic system hydraulic cylinder locks can block both legs blockade pressure oil chamber, so that the legs indented or thrown, thus ensuring the safety of lifting operations; 5, from the weight indicator: Starting weight indicator is set in the side together basic arm party (ie, the right side of the cab), the operator sitting in the control room will be able to clearly observed, can accurately indicate the elevation and the corresponding boom crane conditions permitted nominal weight and so on.
         For more information, please log in Changzhou, Jiangsu Great Wall Group Co., Ltd. lifting equipment.

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