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How Changzhou crane wire rope maintenance

Release time:2014-4-21 16:15:16  Source:Changzhou Crane  Authors:Changzhou Crane

Changzhou crane renowned in the industry for high quality, friendly service by the majority of users of all ages. Changzhou reliable quality crane was undoubtedly the biggest player in its rope, so usually we want to Changzhou regular maintenance crane wire rope, wire rope Here we look at how to care.
         Changzhou crane wire rope with increasing load of a minute amount of stretch, when the load exceeds the elastic limit, the rope might break. Usually withstand a static load of the crane wire rope breaking load control in 1/10 ~ 1/5, called the security burden. Safety rope load shows allow withstand static load rating. But in fact, often in motion rope, wire rope at work in addition to endure goods, hanging objects, weight and other static load, but also by the dynamic load due to acceleration and shock caused by the additional load caused by bending, caused by friction load resistance and so on. Thus, when the increase in addition to the static load of other loads, the actual safety factor is reduced, thereby causing the rope often overloaded.
         Changzhou crane wire rope shall be flat during storage, application of stones, wood or other objects to paving, and the cover underlay. Changzhou common crane wire rope should be placed in ventilated, dry place and away from heat, acid, alkali and other media properties rope endanger the environment. During the custody of the rope should be checked regularly, clean the adhesion of sand, dirt, and grease-coated protection.
         Treat rope handling machinery and equipment must be treated equally careful handling. When uninstalling Changzhou crane rope, push prohibit direct from a height, to prevent injury or damage to the rope by rope round. The correct way is to penetrate sheave shaft hole in a steel pipe, the ends tied slings, crane or similar mechanical handling wire rope lifting. Rolling on the ground rope, crowbar sheave flanges can only be applied in part, is strictly prohibited direct contact with the rope. Meanwhile, the ground should be smooth, do not allow the rope from sharp or hard objects through.
         For more information, please log in Changzhou, Jiangsu Great Wall Group Co., Ltd. lifting equipment.

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