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About Chengdu lane crane classification

Release time:2014-4-18 17:17:58  Source:Chengdu lane  Authors:Chengdu lane

How to classify Chengdu crane driving it? We all know that driving cranes and Chengdu has great relevance, let's work together to understand.
         Chengdu driving cranes can be divided into two categories: one for the rendezvous drive, which uses a motor-driven initiative to launch a long drive shaft on both sides of the wheel; the other for each drive wheel that is active on both sides of each driven by an electric motor. Small, medium and large to take a combination of overhead crane brakes, speed reducer and motor into one of the "triple play" drive essentials, from the weight of the usual large overhead crane for easy display and mediation, drives often take universal coupling .
         Chengdu lane crane operation principles: Crane usually only four institutions like the driving and driven wheels, if from the weight of large, commonly used to increase the pace of wheel wheel pressure low. When the wheels exceeds across four, must take a balanced hinge frame means, so that the crane load evenly spread over the respective wheels.
         Chengdu driving cranes layout features: the main beam and side beams rigidly connected at both ends of the beam is equipped with side wheels to run on an elevated bridge support. Main beam welded rail for lifting the car running. Girder bridge model layout more than the force of our example of box-shaped layout, four truss truss layout abdominal hollow of a tree knot discussion.
         Above is to introduce Chengdu driving cranes, we want to help future work, you want to know more information please visit the Great Wall of lifting equipment Changzhou, Jiangsu Group Limited.


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