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Jiangsu history crane details

Release time:2014-3-21 17:43:12  Source:Jiangsu crane  Authors:Jiangsu crane

      About Jiangsu crane vertical lifting and carrying heavy loads of levels within a certain range of multi-action Jiangsu lifting machinery, also known as the crane. It is mainly used for lifting items into after the spreader can also be equipped with the proper lifting bulk materials and liquid materials. Jiangsu crane work characteristics are for intermittent movement, that in a work cycle reclaimer, transport, unloading and other movements of the appropriate agency is working alternately. Agencies often in starting, braking and reverse the direction of the work of running the state.
         Chinese ancient irrigated farmland is used shadoof jib cranes of the prototype; the 14th century, Western Europe appear human and animal-driven rotating jib crane; the early 19th century, the emergence of bridge crane; Crane important wear parts such as shafts, gears and spreader began to use metal materials, and began to use hydraulic drives; the late 19th century, steam-driven crane gradually replaced Jiangsu Jiangsu hydraulic crane driver; the beginning of the 1920s, due to the rapid industrial electrical industry and internal combustion engines development to the motor or internal combustion engine for a variety of crane power plant in Jiangsu basically formed.
         Jiangsu crane jib type usually structured into Jiangsu Jiangsu crane and bridge crane type. Including tower crane jib type Jiangsu Jiangsu cranes, gantry cranes, Jiangsu, Jiangsu floating cranes, self-propelled cranes, Jiangsu, Jiangsu crane mast mast and boom by composition of the walls running along the walls and rows of Jiangsu crane mounted on the deck of a ship Jiangsu deck cranes; includes a bridge crane bridge type Jiangsu Jiangsu cranes, gantry cranes, Jiangsu, Jiangsu carrying bridge and cable cranes. Jiangsu crane can also be use, drive and maneuverability characteristics classification.
         Jiangsu crane jib type can generally be rotated by Jiangsu crane boom swing and tilt, or lifting trolley runs along the jib, so heavy to move within a certain range. Such a crane lifting capacity of Jiangsu rated minimum amplitude when the boom lifting weights and rated lifting moment to represent. The magnitude of the spreader from the horizontal distance from the centerline of rotation Jiangsu crane, lifting the gravity and magnitude of the moment is the product of lifting objects.
         Jiangsu crane bridge type has a horizontal bridge, heavy lifting obstacles to cross the floor, or the completion of certain process operation, it is widely used in mechanical engineering and metallurgy sectors such as indoor and outdoor workshops and warehouses. Jiangsu overhead bridge crane on orbit, the other type of Jiangsu bridge crane runs on ground track. Lifting the car along the bridge shelves orbit by lifting bridge and trolley motion, you can get a rectangular scope of work. The main parameters characterizing this type of crane is rated Jiangsu weight and span.

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