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Detailed structure Changzhou five lane

Release time:2014-3-19 17:17:30  Source:Changzhou Driving  Authors:Changzhou Driving

      You have to know how much of Changzhou driving it? What Changzhou five lane structure is it? Let us work together to understand:
         Changzhou driving Throttle Control Brake: slow down when needed, to maintain third gear, the throttle is completely released, then the engine tends to be idle, so it produces a transmission resistance acting on the wheel deceleration to achieve the purpose.
         Changzhou traffic exhaust brake: power diesel engine exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe joints have a butterfly valve in Guadang state, the operation of the electromagnetic switch it to shut down, causing the engine to achieve the braking effect stuffy car, then step it will automatically open the throttle. Simple structure but detrimental engines. Currently heavy trucks and large passenger widely used.
         Changzhou driving liquid turbine retarder: an increase in the transmission box housing a turbine room backend, when the rear brake circuit is turned on, so that the gearbox oil reaches the braking effect of damping in the turbine, no wear but to increase heat dissipation. Currently ZF transmission in high-end passenger cars have to use.
         Changzhou driving electric turbo retarder: the equivalent of the drive shaft upload a "generator", no electricity, the non-contact and wear-free, turn circuit braking is needed, the shaft will be subject to electromagnetic resistance, achieve the purpose of the brake . No wear, but the huge structure. Currently heavy trucks and large passenger optional.
         Changzhou driving engine braking structure: the brake signal causes the exhaust valve is not closed slightly open, the piston moves up and down airflow dampers are subject to the braking force generated. Lossless compact, there is no domestic.
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