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Changzhou Crane

Release time:2014-3-18 17:57:48  Source:Changzhou Crane  Authors:Changzhou Crane

Crane is not new for us, Changzhou, a crane is a crane machinery, make a loop, intermittent motion machine. A work cycle comprising: extract means to extract from the articles lifted, and then moved horizontally to the appointed place down the article, followed by reverse movement, so that the extract means to return the home position for the next cycle.
         Typically, Changzhou lifting machinery by lifting mechanism (the article up and down movement), operating agencies (so lifting machinery moving), luffing mechanism and rotating mechanism (to make articles for horizontal movement), plus metal body, power plant, steering control and the necessary combination of assistive devices.
         Bridge project in Changzhou lifting machinery used, depending on their structure and performance, and can be divided into small light lifting equipment, lifting equipment and bridge type crane jib type three categories. Small light lifting equipment such as: jacks, hoists, winches, etc. Girder bridge type lifting machinery such as cranes, gantry cranes. Jib crane types, such as fixed-slewing cranes, tower cranes, truck cranes, tires, crawler cranes.
         I hope the above content on your future work to help, more information to make lifting equipment in Henan Province, the Great Wall Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Branch.

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